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Why book with Toto?

Toto lets travelling dog-lovers share unforgettable holiday experiences with their fur-babies. Toto is the only accommodation booking website that is 100% pet-friendly, is clear about levels of pet-friendliness and offers hassle-free online booking.

A 100% pet-friendly stay

Toto only offers pet-friendly accommodation options and rewards the most pet-friendly accommodation providers through its unique paw ratings. No longer do you need to spend hours trawling through every single listing on an overflowing website to only be disappointed with the lack of genuinely pet-friendly accommodation listings. Toto allows you to cut through the noise and connect you with your perfect pet-friendly accommodation.

Paw ratings for clearer pet-friendly choices

We have designed a "Paw Rating" system to make it easier to determine just how welcomed you and your fur-baby will be at your chosen accommodation. Making it much simpler and more convenient for you to find the perfect fit for you and your pooch.

Fast, hassle-free online booking

At Toto we believe booking should be easy and hassle-free, so we have removed the application process. You don’t have to apply to stay at your chosen accommodation. You just select your perfect accommodation, book and pay. Simple. Finding and booking your perfect pet-friendly holiday with Toto is simple. We’ve done all the hard work for you. No other website makes it this easy to book and pay for accommodation, and welcomes you and your fur-babies with welcome arms and lots of pats.

Connecting and inspiring pet-loving travellers

At Toto, we have a passion for travelling and want to inspire people to embrace their pets in their everyday lives including taking them away on their adventures all over Australia. Toto is committed to inspiring dog-lovers to share unforgettable holiday experiences with their fur-babies We understand the importance our pets play in our busy lives; they bring adventure, joy, companionship and peace into our world. More than more Aussies view their dogs as another member of their family. We want to provide these people with the opportunity to include all their family members in their adventures, and therefore Toto is specifically for travelling pet-lovers.

Toto offers peace of mind

Toto was created to ensure every traveller finds it easy to discover their perfect accommodation. With our one of a kind rating system, you can quickly determine a property’s level of pet-friendliness and take away any concerns about how welcomed you and your pet will be at your chosen destination. We have also reduced the obstacles other websites impose, such as tedious application processes, while keeping your details safe and secure.

Toto is for you if:

  • You want only 100% pet-friendly accommodation
  • You don’t want to waste hours trying to find pet-friendly accommodation.
  • You want to determine the level of pet-friendliness easily
  • You want safe, hassle-free booking .
  • You want to share unforgettable adventures with your pet
  • You value a premium high-value service.
  • You want to support a local business owned and operated in Australia

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